2018 Albuquerque Metro Passing League

7 vs. 7 Summer Football League

Metro Passing League

The Albuquerque Metro Passing League is a "passing skills development league" held at Highland High School in Albuquerque, NM during June. Each team (Varsity and JV) will get a minimum of 8 games for skills development. Varsity plays on Tuesday nights and Junior Varsity plays on an assortment of Mondays and Wednesdays.

This 7 vs. 7 summer league begins before our official summer practice. These practices are open to anybody interested in playing in the Metro Passing League. Practice for 7 vs 7 will be about an hour and will start Monday 6/4 at 6:00am at LCHS, followed by practice Tuesday & Wednesday from 8:00am, also at LCHS.

Varsity Schedule

Date Time Opponent Field W/L
Tues-6/5 6:30p Eldorado East W
Tues-6/5 7:30p Rio Rancho East L
Tues-6/12 5:30p Manzano East W
Tues-6/12 7:30p Cibola West L
Tues-6/19 5:30p Sandia West
Tues-6/19 7:30p Volcano Vista West
Tues-6/26 6:30p Sue Cleveland West
Tues-6/26 8:30p Eldorado East

Junior Varsity Schedule

Date Time Opponent Field W/L
Wed-6/13 4:30p Sue Cleveland West W
Mon-6/18 6:30p Cibola West L
Mon-6/18 7:30p Hope East W
Wed-6/20 4:30p Manzano East W
Wed-6/20 6:30p Highland East W
Wed-6/27 5:30p West Mesa East
Wed-6/27 8:30p Eldorado East

Freshmen Schedule

Date Time Opponent Field W/L
Wed-6/13 5:30p Highland West L
Wed-6/13 8:30p Volcano Vista West L
Mon-6/18 8:30p Hope West
Wed-6/20 4:30p Cleveland West
Wed-6/20 8:30p Cibola West
Wed-6/27 6:30p Manzano West

General Rules

Each game consists of two 20-minute halves with a running clock and a 5-minute halftime. The clock will stop one minute before halftime and one minute before the end of the game for touchdowns, change of possession and a called timeout by an official or one of the teams.

A 25-second play clock will be employed that is reset as soon as the previous play ends.

Each possession will begin at the 40-yard line and each team has four downs to advance the ball to the 20-yard line. If the offense fails to reach the 20-yard line in four plays, the ball is turned over on downs and returned to the 40-yard line.

If the offense reaches or crosses the 20-yard line, it will have four plays to score a touchdown. Scoring - Six points are awarded for a TD, 1 point for a conversion from the 3-yard line and 2 points for a conversion from the 10-yard line. Interceptions are worth two points.

Formations and Plays

The offense will consist of a quarterback, five receivers and a snapper, who is not allowed to go downfield. Defensive teams are allowed no more than eight players on the field, but on the snap of the ball one player must immediately take a knee. This allows defenses to have a fourth linebacker, defensive end or nickel back involved in the formation when the ball is snapped.

Tackling is by two-hand touch between the shoulders and knees. Thus, any touches on the head area do not count. Shoving is also not allowed.

Since the MPL is described as a “passing skills development league,” no running plays, pitches, laterals, options, reverses, double passes or screen passes are allowed. All passes thrown by the quarterback must cross the line of scrimmage.

The quarterback has four seconds to throw the ball after catching the snap. If he doesn’t, the play will be ruled a “sack” resulting in a loss of down and the ball is returned to the line of scrimmage. Rushing the passer is not allowed.


This league is held at Highland High School, on their home field. There are few bleachers and no facilities. Bring chairs and hydration (it is a turf field and can get pretty warm).